Team Performance Improvement Workshop


A one day interactive workshop that focuses on three key issues which materially affect the performance of an individual and a team, namely:

1. Using time more effectively
2. Improving the decision-making process at meetings
3. Quantifying and diagnosing team performance over time


Objectives of the training:

a)  Understand the difference between:
• Managers and leaders
• Task orientation and relationship orientation

b)  Provide participants with some practical tips on more effective time

c)  Establish proper structures and procedures to ensure successful meetings

d)  How to measure team performance and pinpoint areas requiring improvement

e)  The art of leadership and how to motivate your subordinates



The workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to:

i) learn and apply new techniques to improve their own effectiveness in the workplace
ii) explore their current team’s effectiveness and to set ground rules to improve team / meeting performance.



1 day

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