3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES)


The MES is Reddin’s flagship product – the processes, methodologies and benefits of the MES have been recommended by managers for over 20 years.

Target Group

Executive, senior and middle managers as part of a development programme for
the management team.  This is a public seminar and attracts participants from a range of industries.


• Situational analysis;
• Team process analysis;
• Effectiveness Areas – the outputs of the job;
• Managerial Style awareness and
• Change Strategies.

Seminar Details

• During the seminar, delegates will spend 80% of their time working in teams of up to seven members from a variety of background in an intense interactive learning process;
• Prior to the seminar, participants receive a pack of materials to study and it is essential that the pre-work be completed beforehand. Such preparation for the MES takes between 20 to 30 hours;
• The initial part of the seminar deals with team – based exercises and selected case studies to consolidate the 3 – D Managerial Effectiveness concepts, introducing the key elements  of team building;
• The latter half of the seminar concentrates on developing each individual participant’s application of the 3 – D Managerial Effectiveness concepts to their work situation. Participants clarify their own major job outputs (with their team members acting as consultants) and give / receive feedback on how individual management styles in the team have impacted on the team performance; and
• Finally, participants generate action logs for introducing change in the work environment.


5 days – the seminar commences at 17.30 on a Sunday evening and ends at 12 noon on Friday.   Due to the intense nature of the seminar and late hours involved, participants are required to reside at the seminar venue for the duration of the seminar

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