Organisational Surveys


The purpose of each Reddin survey is to provide an unbiased third party assessment of an organisation's climate for the purpose of identifying strategies to improving organisational effectiveness.
Reddin’s three organisational survey instruments have the potential to provide management with a range of information regarding:
• the employees' view of the target organisation
• the people in it and
• their effectiveness

Climate Surveys are designed for managers and their direct subordinates and measure the degree to which the organisation is seen as:
• Placing a highly value on productivity
• Having an appropriate organisation structure
• Encouraging open communication
• Using any disagreements productively
• Utilising its human resources effectively and
• Encouraging participation and creativity

Output Surveys are also designed for managers and their direct subordinates and measure the "output orientation" of an organisation, particularly in terms of:
• Effective linkages between superiors, subordinates and co-workers
• Authority levels
• Available resources
• Corporate "climate" and
• Management Information Systems

Employee Effectiveness Surveys are designed for employees below "supervisory" level and measure employee opinions on a range of issues directly affecting their motivation levels and therefore, their productivity. Examples include working conditions, supervision, psychological satisfaction, working relationships, company image and financial rewards.


Each survey comprises a two page questionnaire containing a total of 80
questions. Each participant is required to either "Agree" or "Disagree" with
each question. The responses are then computer analysed and results arranged into:
• a comparison to pre-determined standards (client generated)
• a comparison to the Reddin International Index
• a comparison to the Reddin Southern African Index
• departmental breakdowns (to identify strengths and weaknesses in each department)
• what the organisation scores poorest at overall (its weaknesses)
• what the organisation scores best at overall (its strengths)
• scales of effectiveness and non-effectiveness

A confidential computer generated analysis is then prepared based on the above results, together with a written report which summarises salient features of the results and highlights areas requiring attention.
Further detailed feedback, based on Reddin staff experience of surveying a number of organisations over the past ten years, is available via a verbal presentation which is arranged and compiled dependent on the particular client’s requirements.

Lead Time

Generally, the computer generated results of the above surveys / analysis (including the written report) will be available within ten working days of Reddin receiving the input questionnaires. Any additional feedback (e. g. via the verbal / slide presentation) is arranged at the client’s convenience.

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