Team Role Laboratory


Target Group

Managers at all levels who have attended the Managerial Effectiveness Seminar or the Output Oriented Management Workshop. This intense interactive workshop is preceded by up to 20 hours of pre-work to maximize later discussion time on agreed topics. It is essential that the pre-work be completed beforehand.


• Pre-work tasks and readings
• Establishing meeting agenda
• Team member style review
• Team meetings improvement
• Facilitator’s observations

And then a choice of:

• Team and team member effectiveness areas
• Optimal team organisation
• Team meeting evaluation
• Team productivity evaluation and decision making

Benefits and Outputs

The team will agree by consensus on the following:

• The actual role of the team in the organisation and the team’s real outputs
• Each team member’s outputs and performance criteria and standards
• Optimal team organisation / structure
• How the team should make decisions
• How to resolve actual identified problem areas occurring in the work situation
• Team improvement objectives (short and medium term)


2 to 3 days (depending on menu selection).

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