"The ideal CEO would be a poet, historian and student of weather maps.

Writing poetry gives precision in thought and language, history teaches strategy,

while studying weather maps teaches decision-making under uncertainty"

Bill Reddin

Leadership and Governance Workshop


Target Group:  

Senior Managers and Directors


1. Leadership Philosophies   
2. The Leader’s Role in Change Management    
3. The Art of Leadership
4. The Role and Duties of the Board, the Chairman, Board Members and Secretary
5. Performance Evaluation of the Board, the Chairman and Board Members
6. The Role of  Board Committees       
7. Board Members’ Code of Ethics and Conduct    
8. How to Craft a Mission Statement      
9. Annual Board Calendar       
10. Basic Governance Documents      
11. Sample Table of Contents for a Board Policy Manual   
12. Why Boards Fail       
13. How Board Members Can Improve Their Performance   


Benefits and Outputs

This workshop will explain and illustrate the statutory and other roles and responsibilities of corporate boards and their members as well as provide practical  advice on how to improve leadership capacity within an organisaton.


2 days (non-residential)

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