Output Oriented Management Workshop



Target Group

First line managers and supervisors as part of a development programme for
an “in house” management team.


• How to know when a manager is effective
• How to describe a job in effectiveness terms
• How to increase one’s own level of effectiveness
• How to create synergy within a team
• How to handle conflict productively
• How to critique and diagnose effectively
• How to enhance your situational management skills
• Developing style flexibility and appraisal skills
• Team process analysis and change strategies
• Drawing up and implementing a business plan

Workshop Details

An intensive four day (non-residential) workshop for managers which
concentrates on the work environment by defining and practicing effective
managerial styles in a variety of situations, specifying key result areas and
job measurement for actual positions, giving and receiving feedback to and
from team members on actual performance in the work-place and, finally, agreeing change strategies between team members, compiling a business plan and agreeing the implementation thereof.


4 days.


2.   Top Team Workshop

Target Group

This workshop is targeted at Top Executives and Senior Managers only of an organization. It is an intense interactive “in house” workshop is preceded by up to 20 hours of pre-work to maximise later discussion time on agreed topics. It is essential that the pre-work be completed beforehand.


• Pre-work tasks and readings (including case studies)
• Placement of “effectiveness” in the center of the organization
• How to redesign major systems around the concept of “effectiveness”
• Identification of organizational areas most needing attention
• What the planned change objectives for these areas should be
• How to introduce change by well designed methods
• How to lower the consequential resistance to change

Benefits and Outputs

The team will agree by consensus on the following – the objective being to
improve overall team effectiveness:

• The actual role of the top team in the organisation and planning to achieve the required outputs
• Each team member’s outputs, performance criteria and standards
• Allocation of authority areas
• Development of a planned change program for the organization
• How to measure team and individual effectiveness thereafter
• How to improve communication within the organization
• How managers can improve their objectivity in the workplace


2 days



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